The Minnesota Ballroom Operators Association was formed in the year 1927. The common bond of the ballroom operators throughout the state has continued through these many years.

By uniting our efforts in a statewide organization these years, Minnesota has become known nationwide as one of the top states in the number of ballrooms, and also for the quality of bands in the state.

Many of the Minnesota ballroom operators are members of the National Ballroom and Entertainment Association, and some  have been active on the board of directors of that organization also over the years.

All ballroom operators in Minnesota are welcome to join this active organization.

An annual meeting takes place, in conjunction with a free Appreciation Dance for customers each spring at one of the ballrooms.

It is a special event for operators and their wives/partners with bandleaders invited for a meeting, dinner, and dance.

The MBOA has also hosted a fun summer event in the past in July or August. The organization has not hosted one the last couple of year, and would like to get the event going again.

A six-member board of directors guides the MBOA. In an effort to keep enthusiasm among dancers at the ballrooms, a bimonthly newsbook, Music & Dance News, is published by the MBOA.

Anyone may subscribe to it (see subscription form on this website). It is also included in the membership price for those who join the Minnesota Polka Lovers Klub of America (MN Po.L.K. of A.)

A limited number of copies are also distributed to several ballrooms and organizations to distribute.

MBOA members receive a reduced rate for advertising in Music & Dance News.

To join Minnesota Ballroom Operators Association, click on the subscription form. Membership dues are $75 (due Dec. 1 each year) for ballroom operators; and $35 for others. Members receive a 35% discount on ads in Music & Dance News if their membership is current.

Minnesota Ballroom Operator’s Association is a non-profit organization supporting ballrooms, bands, and old-time music promoters throughout Minnesota.
To join, contact Audrey Litzau at litz@mchsi.com, or (320) 420-6631.